Coaching for Parents

As parents we need to get comfortable with the fact that no matter what we do, even if we were as controlling as we might fantasize we'd like to be, nothing short of locking our kids in their rooms will keep them completely safe. Once we really make peace with that, we're much more able to live with their need to explore the world and appreciate the gift we've been given to both come along for the ride and be their guide.

Parenting can be one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling activities we ever do.  It's also the most challenging.  Nothing matters more.  As a recent empty nester, coach and parent educator I've become even more interested in what it means to be a parent.   In my coaching practice I work with parents to create a positive relationship with their child and help them live up to their vision of the "good enough" parent.

Judy was able to quickly understand what I’d been struggling with and, in her gentle but practical way, provided thoughtful and realistic suggestions for dealing with my teenage son. Even now, several months after our working together, her guidance and humor still help me manage challenging situations I run into with my kids.
— Hope S.

Getting Started: I ask parents to complete this questionnaire before our first meeting.  Looking at it now can give you a sense of the kind of work we’d be doing together.