Each of these topics could be a 1 session workshop, a presentation, or a series

Workshop or Series for Executives and Teams


Stories and Authentic Leadership

Stories can motivate, inspire, and ground us.  Knowing and sharing our story, our narrative, can also move us to action, because leadership isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.  Marshall Ganz, a Senior Lecturer in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University writes:  “Public narrative is a leadership art.  Leaders draw on narrative to inspire action across cultures, faiths, professions, classes, and eras.” In this workshop we’ll have the opportunity to explore how our own stories can be powerful tools for our leadership.

A Great Place to Work

What does it take for your team to say that their job is, "a great place to work"?  Looking at current research and listening to the voices of CEO's, this workshop engages the senior leadership in a process of change  - learning how to identify and assess the current culture and from there envisioning and creating a compelling and healthy culture of high employee satisfaction. 

A Winning Team

Your team could be a winning team - meaning you play well together, you anticipate one another, you enjoy being together (for the most part), you have more wins than losses, and you trust one another.  This workshop or series engages you in some of the current research and provides experiences and tools that will allow you to play a bigger and better game.  

Workshop or Series for Parents

Parenting the Way You Wanted to be Parented

Parenting often feels like wearing bifocal glasses - one view is fixed on the way we were parented, with a laser like focus on, both everything you would never do with your own kids and those things you'd want and hope to emulate, and the other lens allowing you to see how YOU want to parent based on other models around you.  And yes, wearing such bifocals can be dizzying. In this workshop or series, you'll gain clarity and confidence in your parenting style, expand your repertoire of parenting, and learn new skills with special attention paid to the topics of:  communication, expectations and the power of rituals.

Workshop or Series for the 65+ Transition

Creating a Meaningful, Fulfilling, and Engaging Next Stage of Life

There’s a lot of talk in the media, in current research, and on the street about how baby boomers are redefining aging and retirement and in so doing, embracing the next stage(s) of life with creativity and curiosity.  In response to a 62 year old who talked about leaving his job to start a consulting business because he “had one more big thing in him” the 91 year old responded, “I’ve had 3 big things since I was 62; Why are you aiming so low?”  Together we’ll look briefly at some of the research around this trend and then engage in exercises to “aim high” as we plan the next stage(s) of our lives.

Workshop or Series for Any Group

Work Life Balance

Our generation seems to be obsessed with having it all.  We can almost delude ourselves into thinking that if we really try hard we can add more hours to the day.  The result?  A lot of overwhelm and frustration.  In this workshop you'll look at what "having it all" really means to you, and learn some tools and strategies to get your life in balance, and perhaps in so doing, really have it all.  

Seven Gateways to Spirituality

What do we mean when we say "spirituality". Do we each mean the same thing?  And if we knew what it meant, how would we know how to best access it in our lives?  Rachel Kessler, the director of The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning, and author of The Soul of Education  , recognized in her work with adolescents that there was a "spiritual problem" in our society.  Though brilliant in economics, science and technology, we are as a culture less successful in matters of the heart and soul; as witnessed in our preoccupation with sex and violence, boredom and general unhappiness, all while being the richest society in modern history.  In this workshop we'll explore the Seven Gateways to Spirituality that can be found in ordinary experiences available to us each day.  This workshop, as is true with her book, is not tied to any religious tradition. Rather, it is aimed at helping us connect to that part of ourselves that desires something we call "spirituality". 

Wonderful evening, great exercise...made me stop and re-evaluate my direction & priorities. Thank you for this priceless gift!!
— Lore Garnick
Judy, your workshop nourished my soul. You created the safety, context and structure to have a profound conversation about spirituality. Through this conversation I felt more connected to my own spirituality and more connected to the community of women in the workshop. You teach with depth, elegance, and flow. Your presence is a big invitation into self-inquiry at the deepest level. Thank you.
— Nina Manolson M.A. L.M.T. Holistic Health Counselor, BodyAliveBodyAware.com