Coaching for Teams


I really enjoy working with teams of all sizes.  I'll start with an assessment of the team, either by interviewing each member in advance of our first meeting, or if the team is too large, with a questionnaire. I'll share what I learn (respecting confidentiality) and begin by establishing norms for our work together, setting clear goals, and creating a plan for achieving them.  We'll decide together how many sessions are needed to reach the agreed upon goals. 

What Kind of Outcomes Can We Expect?

  • Envision and design a plan for the future
  • Think through and execute tough decisions
  • Identify and leverage strengths
  • Recognize and manage weaknesses
  • Revitalize and motivate yourselves and your staff
  • Clarify and redefine roles within the team
  • Create alignment among team members
  • Develop skills for communicating effectively and powerfully
  • Become accountable for the changes you want to make
  • Reach clarity and increased awareness about how each of you functions on the team
  • Enjoy your workplace more

Does a Coach Need to Be an Expert in Our Industry?

  • No, in fact the “outside eye” provides a welcome and needed perspective.
  • You’re the expert in your industry; the coach is the expert in helping you make better use of what you already know, maximizing your strengths, shining the light on issues that need attention, and harnessing the talent on your team or in your organization.

How Do You Help Us??

  • I drive teams to have greater awareness of the roles they each play and can play in the group and help create greater alignment among its members.
  • I teach teams to become more skilled in managing through conflict in a constructive way that strengthens the overall working relationship rather than threatening it.
  • I support each member of the team to move beyond personal and professional obstacles, improve their performance and see themselves as vital to the operation, regardless of their position in the organization.
Our Small law firm engaged Judy to help us sort through a number of long-term planning issues. Judy quickly earned our trust and helped us articulate our goals, tease out the challenges we face, and brainstorm about steps we’d need to take. In a few short sessions, we were able to formulate short- and long-term strategic plans, and we’ve begun to implement them. We give Judy our highest recommendation.
— Messing, Rudavsky and Weliky, PC
Judy was able to meet each of us where we were, bring us into conversation about the behaviors that had been causing friction on our team and give us tools to continue the work outside of her sessions. Our professional working relationship has improved dramatically in a few months, which is not only noticeable to us but to our colleagues in other departments as well. We have seen immediate gains in our own individual level of energy, our focus and our belief that, as a well functioning team, we can remove the other barriers to success in our department and in the organization as a whole.
— Jessica Greenfield Vice President of Financial Planning and Analysis, City Year

Getting Started: I ask teams to complete this questionnaire before our first meeting.  Looking at it now can give you a sense of the kind of work we’d be doing together.


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