My Approach

I am 100% committed to my clients' agenda AND feel it's my responsibility to encourage them to shoot even higher if I sense they're selling themselves short.  That's often a very delicate balance to strike but it's one I believe in strongly and feel I've mastered.  Using a variety of coaching tools, strategies, exercises and of course pointed and powerful questions, I help clients think outside the box, challenge long held and often unhelpful assumptions or beliefs, create new powerful perspectives and images for success, and create a plan for reaching their goals.  As a coach I know that a client shows up as a whole person, not just as a professional seeking a new career path, or law partners trying to envision the next 10 years of their firm, or a parent struggling with the teen years.  They are complex, multidimensional human beings who can leverage the strengths and energy in other areas of their lives to help them maximize success in the area they've brought to coaching.  This is serious work, but not so serious that we won't laugh and have fun along the way. 

Accountability and motivation are also central to my work.  Often clients will say that what they really need is someone to hold them accountable and keep them moving on the right track, especially when roadblocks suddenly (and sadly, routinely) appear.  I love the work of moving past, over, or through these roadblocks (see my Blog post about Gremlins) and take this role very seriously.