Career Transition Initial Questionnaire

Judy Elkin M.Ed., PCC, ORSCC

The following questions are designed to stimulate your thinking and launch our coaching work together.  Take your time with them and please return your responses a day before our first session.   Enjoy!!!

  1. If time and resources were not a concern, describe the things you long to do.
  2. Think about one or two people who really inspire you. (Dead or alive, fictional or real.)  What about them is inspiring?
  3. What’s missing in your life, the presence of which would make your life more fulfilling?
  4. What activities have heart and meaning for you?
  5. What two steps could you immediately take that would make the biggest difference in your current situation?
  6. What is the best advice you’ve ever given someone?
  7. What are you most proud of professionally? 
  8. How would you describe your gifts/strengths?
  9. What have been your biggest disappointments?
  10. How would you describe your satisfaction with your life direction so far?
  11. What words describe how you feel about your career?
  12. What is the compliment or acknowledgment you hear most often about yourself?  
  13. What words describe you at your best?  When are you at your best?
  14. What words describe you when you’re at less than your best? What conditions bring out those qualities?
  15. Imagine you could have 1 wish fulfilled.  What would that be?
  16. What can I say to you when you are “stuck” that will return you to action?
  17. What will make this coaching relationship rewarding for you?  
  18. What else would you like me, as your coach, to know about you?

Download this questionnaire and email your completed version back to Judy.